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[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Beer cup 200CC[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Beer cup 200CC
ブルーローズ モーニングカップ & ソーサー 8211[Washi Wrapping] Blue Rose Morning Cup & Saucer 8211
【和紙でラッピング済 能作 片口 中 1個 + ぐい呑み 錫 2ケ セット SAKE 錫ぐい呑 引き出物 プレゼント 人気 食器 ギフト おしゃれ 誕生日 年賀 還暦 祝 日本酒 冷酒 ファッショナブル 吟醸酒 飲み口 抗菌 錫製 酒器 贈り物 結婚祝 記念品 能作酒器 猪口 錫の酒器 錫婚式 プレゼント アウトレット 酒気セット 錫酒器 錫の酒器 ラッピング 錫能作 のうさく 能作錫 クリスマス おいしくなる 和紙包装  カンブリア宮殿 還暦祝い 退職祝い 内祝 nousaku片口中  (1合 180cc) 1個 + ぐい呑み 錫 2ケ セット
[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Clock - MARUKAKU[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Clock - MARUKAKU
螺鈿 SDGs バッジ マグネットRaden SDGs Badge Magnet
漆器くにもと Raden SDGs Badge Magnet
Sale price¥4,650
[Wrapped with Japanese paper] Sorori - S[Wrapped with Japanese paper] Sorori - S
[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Sake cup gold leaf[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Sake cup gold leaf
[Wrapping with Japanese paper] KAGO Dahlia M 能作 KAGO ダリア

About concerto

At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, a prominent French art unit skilled at handling a specialized wood material disbanded. The artisans had fused their spirits and techniques to create wooden bow ties. The ties were given as a token of friendship to those who had supported their work, and today, the wooden creations continue to shine at salons not only in Europe but also around the world.
The urushi-lacquered bow tie CONCERTO revives these bow ties using traditional Japanese craft techniques. Enjoy the esprit of the good old days in France and Japan through these beautiful, elegant, and uniquely radical accessories.
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Learn traditional Japanese crafts

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