[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Clock - MARUKAKU

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A 100% tin clock that can be used as both a wall clock and table clock.
Taking full advantage of the softness that is a characteristic of 100% tin, you can freely change the shape of each of the four sides. Depending on how you bend it, the watch will look round or square, and you can create your own original watch.

If you want to use it as a table clock, please bend it firmly at one point so that it stands on its own. It's small, so it's also recommended for space-saving at the entrance or desk.

size φ145 H30
box size H37 W152 D152
box weight 330g
material 100% tin (dial part)
design Satoshi Umeno

*Be sure to adjust the time with the dial on the back.
*Please check the wall material, thickness and strength before installation.
*Batteries are not included.
*The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase.

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梱包も説明通りで、発送も迅速でした。 贈り物だったので、心遣いに感謝です。有難うございました。

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