[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Lacquered bow tie CONCERTO Piano Black

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Formal wear created with the intention of conveying lacquer culture. The bare wood consists of three parts, each made with a different technique. By combining these, we have pursued a simple and lean artistic form.

In order to convey lacquer art in an easy-to-understand manner, each product corresponds to individual lacquer art techniques such as mother-of-pearl and maki-e.

The strap's Nishijin weave is a necktie fabric that won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for the best work at the Nishijin textile exhibition by Nekado in Kyoto.

[Piano Black] and [Urushi Red] allow you to enjoy the beauty of lacquer.
[Byakudan] is a gold leaf coated with lacquer.
[Eggshell] is made by pasting quail eggs using the maki-e technique.
[Polka dots] and [Kuyoumon] use a technique called raden, in which thinly sliced ​​mother-of-pearl is pasted on.

Awards: "Wood Design Award 2019", "International Lacquer Exhibition Ishikawa 2020" , "Hospitality Selection 2021"
Wood Design Award 2019 Hospitality selection
Heavy use lacquer exhibition Ishikawa 2021

■ Specifications

  • Size: 117 x 43 x 15mm (bowtie part)
  • Strap length: minimum about 330mm ~ maximum about 500mm
  • Material: Laminated plywood made in Japan (China)/lacquer
  • Package: paulownia box
  • Weight: 15g (including strap)
  • Production area: Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
  • Design registration number: Registration No. 1572379

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