Lacquered barrette CONCERTO

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The butterfly-shaped lacquered barrette "CONCERTO" is a cute Japanese product created under the concept of "perfect for formal, casual, and Japanese clothing."

The color is indigo/red. Not only is it suitable for Japanese clothing, but it also blends elegantly with suit styles, so there is no shortage of topics. At the center of the cute butterfly design, we use “Suzugami”, a traditional Japanese craft product.

I used a technique called "tataki-nuri". Tofu is mixed with lacquer and it is applied by tapping it with a sponge. The texture of the lacquer is very conspicuous, and it is durable and does not show scratches even after daily use.

A clip: Approximately 6cm in width
Motif: Width about 4cm length about 7.5cm
Weight: about 10g Raw Materials/Materials: China plywood, lacquer, plated metal

*There are individual differences because they are all made by hand.
*The color of the lacquer coating changes with time, so please enjoy the taste.
*The "Suzugami" in the center of the barrette is a very soft material. Please enjoy the change in shape due to use. In addition, it may be damaged if you adjust the shape unreasonably.
* Accessory parts may be damaged if a strong load is applied. Also, please note that repeated opening and closing may cause fatigue failure.

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