[Wrapping with Japanese paper] "Kuroneko Oyako" - Auspicious story - "Gourd to piece"

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Since ancient times, black cats have been called "lucky cats" in Japan because they can see at night. It is also said to be a symbol of warding off evil and praying for home safety. A mug that combines a supple and moving black cat silhouette with a lucky charm motif drawn with simple gold lines. Please enjoy the playful “Lucky Story” that incorporates the soft and charming gestures of the black cat parent and child and the heartwarming scenes into easy-to-use items.

Size; diameter: about 8cm, length: about 11cm, height: about 8.5cm, full water capacity: about 320cc

It is a high-class artistic tableware that is backed by Japanese culture and tradition, made in pursuit of "whiteness of color, hardness of porcelain, and smoothness of skin".

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