[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Gosu Shosoin Cup & Saucer 6C/7152

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"Gosu Shosoin" is a series born around 1960, designed with inspiration from Todaiji's Shosoin treasures. The design that perfectly fuses the world of Western and Japanese tableware creates a calm and elegant table.

The three-dimensional painted "Iromori" adds elegance to the clear hand-painted "Gosu" indigo blue. The rim is gold colored, and the inside is decorated with Gosu lines to tighten the central pattern.

Okura Touen's "Gosu" technique is the same as the Gosu dyeing technique that has been passed down from ancient times in Japan. It is a technique that requires a great deal of skill because it is difficult to repaint unglazed clay. Each piece is hand-painted by a trained craftsman.
Similarly, the “coloured” pattern is carefully painted by craftsmen one by one.

cup Diameter: 9.5cm Length: Approx. 12cm Height: Approx. 5.5cm Water capacity: 195CC
Sosa Diameter: 15cm Height: 2cm

It is a high-class artistic tableware that is backed by Japanese culture and tradition, made in pursuit of "whiteness of color, hardness of porcelain, and smoothness of skin".

In the Okazome technique, cobalt-based paint is painted on the white cloth that has been fired, and then fired again in the main kiln, which has the world's highest temperature of about 1460 degrees, and the paint is in the glaze. It is a technique that creates a deep navy blue expression with a unique depth .

It is also a technique that shines only because it is a white porcelain with the "white" of Okura Touen, which is proud of the world. Because the paint melts into the glaze surface, the surface is glossy and smooth. You can use it with peace of mind for a long time without changing.

It was John Lennon's favorite cup.

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