[Wrapped with Japanese paper] Gold Line Morning Bowl Plate (Coupe Shape)

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The simple design "Gold Line" with only a gold edge gives off a dignified elegance. The tranquil design of the white porcelain with a golden rim will bring out the best in your cooking. Whether it's a refreshing morning, lunch with friends, or an elegant dinner, it's an easy-to-use tableware that can be used with any kind of food or table. Please try a high-quality item as a gift or for yourself.

[Morning cup & saucer (model number: 26C)]
[Cup] Diameter: Approx. 9cm Length: Approx. 11.5cm Height: Approx. 7cm Approx. 295cc
[Saucer] Diameter: Approx. 15cm Height: Approx. 2cm

[About white porcelain]
At Okura Touen, we have pursued "whiteness of color, hardness of porcelain quality, and smoothness of skin", and have perfected outstanding techniques to create the perfect beauty of white porcelain. We use the highest grade kaolin as the raw material for the base material, and are fired at a high temperature of 1460 degrees, which is unparalleled in the world. All of Okura Touen's white porcelain products have been made with the same mix of base material and firing temperature since the company was founded.

[About money]
At Okura Touen, we use high-purity gold that is close to 24-karat gold for all of our gold-painted products. Therefore, it shows a refined shine. The gilding of the rim and handle is hand-painted one by one by a craftsman with a brush.

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