[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Hammer Kit Tumbler

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A kit that allows you to experience hammering at home. Tsuchime is a pattern created by striking with a hammer. By striking the surface of the tumbler with a hammer, you can create your own unique tumbler.

You can make a tumbler with an original pattern by setting a plastic cup inside a tin tumbler and tapping the bottom of the tumbler from the center to the outside and the sides from the bottom toward the mouth. I can do it. 100% tin is soft and can be hammered without applying force.

"Home drinking" using one sake cup in the world. How about changing your daily mood?

tumbler About H6cm φ7.5 140cc 100% tin
crafting cup H7.2cm φ7.7 ABS resin
hammer Total length 14.2 Head width 5 Head diameter 1.2 (cm) stainless 
box size H7.1cm W13.9 D16.6 550g
[Precautions for use]
  • After use, use a soft sponge and wash with kitchen detergent (neutral). When the luster becomes dull, please use baking soda. Also, since tin (100%) is soft, do not rub it with a hard scrubbing brush. It may scratch the surface.
  • Do not place near fire as it has a low melting point. Because it is metal, it cannot be used in a microwave oven. Do not use the dishwasher or dryer as it can get hot.
  • Do not put in the freezer, as the tin may deteriorate due to low temperatures. Also, please refrain from long-term storage in the refrigerator. Also, do not leave sour or dark colored items in for a long time. Doing so may cause discoloration.

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子供がいる友人にプレゼントしたところ、子供が喜んで叩いていたそうです笑 確かに子供はこういったキットは好きそうです。冷たさが維持できるので、少し小さいけれどビールを飲むのにちょうどいいと言っていました。あと包装が綺麗でした。



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