[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Katakuchi - Medium + Sake cup set in a paulownia box

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A set of 100% tin Katakuchi-medium and 1 guinomi cups. Since ancient times, it has been said that "water in a tin vessel does not rot" and "it removes the unpleasant taste of sake and makes it more delicious", and has been used for sake and tea ware. In addition, because of its good thermal conductivity, placing it in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes cools the container itself, allowing you to enjoy cold sake even more deliciously. Wrapped with Japanese paper. A craftsman finishes it by hand one by one. It comes in a paulownia box, so it is recommended as a gift.

  • Katakuchi: H6.5cm W15.8 D10.1 about 365cc
  • Sake cup: H4.4cm φ6.7 about 90cc
  • Paulownia box: H9 W25 D12 950g
[Precautions for use]
  • After use, use a soft sponge and wash with kitchen detergent (neutral). When the luster becomes dull, please use baking soda. Also, since tin (100%) is soft, do not rub it with a hard scrubbing brush. It may scratch the surface.
  • Do not place near fire as it has a low melting point. Because it is metal, it cannot be used in a microwave oven. Do not use the dishwasher or dryer as it can get hot.
  • Do not put in the freezer, as the tin may deteriorate due to low temperatures. Also, please refrain from long-term storage in the refrigerator. Also, do not leave sour or dark colored items in for a long time. Doing so may cause discoloration.

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