[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Wind chime stand

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It is a handy wind chime stand that just hangs the wind chime on the stand hook. The simple design can be used with any wind chime. Please insert the hook into the hole on the bottom of the base.

The hook parts and base parts can be removed and can be stored compactly when not in use. Even those who cannot hang wind chimes in front of their eaves can enjoy the beautiful tones of wind chimes all year round, regardless of the season.

*When using, please adjust the length of the string of the wind chime.

Compatible products: slim, onion, horn, shizuku, rin, pin
Winged Quartz Glass Bambino Bambina
Fukurin, morning glory, sunflower

Size H42.2cm φ6cm
Box size H2.5cm W7.4 D43.2 540g
Material Stainless Design Makoto Koizumi

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