[Wrapping with Japanese paper] KUON by KISEN Madoka Dongrin Pink Gold

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"Madoka Pink gold" with a sweet and gentle glow. The round and cute form and the clear tone of the acorn played by the pendulum gently envelops your heart.

The gentle pink color that further enhances the cuteness of the form is a perfect match when you want to add a soft atmosphere to your interior.

The pendulum inside the acorn rings the orin.

The action of picking up the wooden lid and ringing it with the pendulum will make you forget your busy daily life. It has a clear and bright tone that matches the cute design.

The wooden part of the "acorn", which is the element of "sound", is a special specification that uses walnut that brings out the pink gold color and has a nice texture.

design: Ikue Okumura, KISEN DESIGN TEAM

・Each product of Kuon -KUON- is hand-made by craftsmen, so there are slight differences in the shape, weight, and finish of each product.

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小林 くるみ


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