[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Koransha Pinstripe Cup & Saucer

Sale price¥16,500


A stylish cup and saucer with three legs and a sharp handle that makes use of the color and texture of the lustrous glaze. It is a modern design that makes use of the texture of the mid-Showa period.
A delicate and beautiful relief is carefully applied to the bottom of the cup and the back of the saucer. This relief has a shape that is extremely difficult to make by hand, and is produced with exquisite thickness by making a precise mold with a CAD system. The beautiful relief is expressed by controlling the thickness of the glaze and creating a gradation between the relief and luli glaze. You can enjoy the beautiful gradation that combines the glaze and the center of the relief.

The small and elegant shape can be used for both coffee and tea.

At NY NOW Winter 2019 (New York Now), this product won the "Best New Product Award in the Table Top Gourmet Houseware Category".


Cup height 5.5cm diameter 9.5cm
Saucer Height 2.5cm Diameter 14cm
Cup + saucer height 6.5cm





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