[Wrapping with Japanese paper] Hakuichi Fuku Invitation Chopstick Rest Set Five Komon

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A set of 5 chopstick rests with auspicious patterns. Five types of auspicious crests are applied to a simple gold base using a heaping technique. A gorgeous chopstick rest with a three-dimensional fine pattern.

An elegant wooden box contains 5 types of fine patterned chopstick rests. Comes with a bookmark that explains the fine pattern.

◇ Cloisonne ◇
It refers to the seven treasures, and the pattern of the endlessly chained rings represents the continuation of harmony, harmony, and prosperity.
◇ Hemp Leaf ◇
The straight hemp leaves are a pattern that is popular as a prayer for children's growth and as an amulet.
◇ Arithmetic ◇

It is a pattern based on the arithmetic tree used in Wasan and divination, and has the meaning of wishing for good luck in the future.
◇ Karahana Cloisonne ◇
It is an auspicious pattern depicting a Chinese flower on the "Cloisonne", which means peace, harmony, and prosperity of descendants.
◇ Checkered ◇
The meaning of prosperity is put in the pattern that continues up, down, left and right without interruption.

size [Chopstick rest single item] 38 x 38 x 7 mm (5 types)
[Wooden box] 257×79×26mm
material Resin, Kanazawa foil

[Precautions for use]

You can wash it with a soft sponge and neutral detergent. Avoid using the dishwasher. Please avoid using the microwave.

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