The Tourism DX Research Group is a research group that studies globally successful content and near-future IT in parallel, and considers tourism DX in the near future, such as creating related populations and improving customer CX.

Next date and time

Date: Monday, October 17, 10:00 to 12:00

Holding method: Webinar by ZOOM

Cost: Free


1. Hideya Irie “Development of local human resources that support the DX transformation of the region”
Associate Professor, Department of Fundamental Education, Sasebo National College of Technology Deputy Director, EDG Career Center President, U-System Co., Ltd.
2. Aiko Matsuda Music and tourism as temporal art. Convey emotion. "
Representative Director of Almond Co., Ltd. Advisor of Industrial Growth Platform (IGPI) Co., Ltd. Director of Gunma Symphony Orchestra Director of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra International Public Relations and Marketing Manager Advisor of Culture City of East Asia 2022 Oita Executive Committee
3. Hiroyuki Hiki "Think about tourism DX beyond the case"
LINE Corporation Technical Evangelism Team Manager / OMO Sales Promotion Office
4. Tetsuro Shimaguchi “Transmitting the Noble Spirit of the Japanese to the World through Samurai”
Japanese swordsman and actor. Appeared in Q. Tarantino's movie "Kill Bill Vol.1 " (role of CRAZY88's "MIKI" ) and was in charge of sword fighting instruction and choreography. In 2019, he was appointed as “Aizuwakamatsu City Tourism Ambassador” and “Fukushima Prefecture Warm Fukushima Tourism Ambassador”.

If you would like to participate, please send an email to the address below with your name and affiliation. We will send you the address and distribution materials on the day.

Yohei Udagawa

[Reference Tourism DX Study Group] Members of Shibuya QWS have started a tourism DX study group. Please refer to the following for the purpose and past participation records.

[Purpose]: Supported by ample funds, an influx of human resources, and low IT prices, ventures are able to conduct research and development and service development that large companies cannot. There are many cases where the customer experience value (CX) has increased by integrating the services of venture companies and large companies. Focusing on tourism, this study group will discuss (1) how large companies and venture companies should collaborate, (2) the relationship between CX and IT in tourism DX, and (3) integration models.

[Participants (titles omitted)]
Mayor of Bandai Town Junichi Sato
Nagasaki Prefecture Industry and Labor Department New Industry Creation Division Startup Promotion Team Koji Matsuo Associate Professor, Basic Education Department, Sasebo National College of Technology Deputy Director, EDGE Career Center Hideya Irie Representative Director, Kazuo Kaneko Office Co., Ltd. Kim Kazuo Shakai Design Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yohei Udagawa (Secretariat)


1st Handout Meeting Minutes held on June 8, 2022

2nd Meeting Minutes of Handouts held on August 4, 2022